Kelly owns the Siren’s Song, a cozy pub tucked away

in the remote village of Shanwalsh,

Irish proverb…a place so far from cares, the most pressing issue of the day is which tree to daydream under. However, this idyllic life is about to be turned upside-down. One day, a somber (and rarely sober) man walks into Kelly’s life with shocking news: she is heir to all the lands of County Whelan. Stuffy nobility and the responsibilities that accompany it are as unappealing as the rival landlord, who attempts to seize the land and plunge the county into chaos.

When this troublemaking landlord threatens her friends and the simple lives they enjoy, Kelly steps into her aristocratic boots. Once established in “the Big House,” her work has only just begun. Settling disputes with narcissistic lords and bickering farmers is enough to drive her mad, but Kelly’s spitfire methods blast through the snobbish walls of convention.

Witty, short-tempered, fun-loving, and mischievous, Kelly is an original and refreshing heroine—one who will leave you amused, touched, and wanting more of her adventures.

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5-star rating“Kelly: A Tale of Ould Ireland” by Mark Plets is a story that shows a very powerful woman with the ability to stay true to herself and be what her people want her to be. Kelly is a barmaid who owns her own pub and is famous for making the most delicious ales in the county. Her life is perfect. She loves to jig in her pub and live her life as exuberantly as she desires, and there is not one soul on this earth who can tell her to live her life differently. She has her own rules and no one has the power to change them.

Life is too important to be taken seriously.But when she is approached by the right hand man of the late chief, she is in for a surprise she never saw coming. It turns out, she is his only heir and the responsibility of the whole of County Whelan, Ireland, is on her shoulders. She cannot back away from the responsibility because she loves her land. But the road ahead is not easy. The challenge of the new position brings enemies into her life, which she did not have before. Will Kelly crumble under the pressure or she will be able to show the misogynistic men that a bar owner can become a great leader of the land without a man at her side.

Kelly: A Tale of Ould Ireland by Mark Plets is a very fun tale of a woman who finds her true place in life. Kelly was a joy to read. She is charismatic and very charming. She is sassy and energetic, but best of all she does not back away from a challenge when it is presented to her. She proved to the world that a woman can be a great leader without the help of a man.

A true 5-star book!”—Readers’ Favorite

book: Kelly, A Tale of Oulde Ireland

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