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Romantic Comedy

Sara’s luck at relationships has bottomed out. But after a trip to a psychic, she’s determined to find her soulmate—and she’s figured out how to do it.


How to Write and Stay Healthy book cover


For cave-dwelling authors and other keen writers—learn how to optimize your health in the particular ways you need to.


Short Quirky Fiction

Take a wild ride through the mind of a young woman with obsessive-reclusive tendencies, conspiracy theories, and a boyfriend making her even crazier.


Business Success

Everything you need to become a successful content writer in today’s market. This step-by-step guide is a must for all writers from novice to veteran.


Short Fiction

Angel Bender yearns to find meaning in her life. A forgotten memory unexpectedly turns her world around.


divorce diet cookbook

Comic Cookbook

Divorced, dumped, rejected?… It’s time for The Divorce Diet—those sugary, carb-loaded comfort foods—and a little comedy to lighten the mood.



Amelia Dawson has a secret—she talks to insects. George Redhouse doesn’t want her bees destroyed. Together they find the path with a heart.