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Featured Small Business

content to cash book coverContent to Cash

A Must-Read for Content Writers

This comprehensive, step-by-step guide to becoming a successful content writer doesn’t miss a trick.

Complete with templates including blog post outlines and client questionnaires; time management skills; how to build your website the easy way; niching your content-writing business; and how to determine pricing—this guide doesn’t leave anything out for the novice writer, and includes tips and tricks of the trade for those already in the biz.

This book is a must-read for all aspiring and experienced writers.


Featured Cozy Historical Fiction

book: Kelly, A Tale of Oulde IrelandKelly: A Tale of Ould Ireland

5-Star Reader’s Favorite

When County Whelan finds itself without a landlord, the late chieftain’s major domo seeks out the only rightful heir … the high-spirited mistress of the local pub. Opposition from all quarters rises up when the quaint Irish countryside is turned upside down with its new firebrand landlady … but the opposition will need reinforcements to stop Kelly!

5-star rating Thoroughly delightful. Any reader will root for Kelly and the way she handles every situation.—Amazon review

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Featured Paranormal Romance

Damian Winter, paranormal therapist, book coverAt First Sight

A Damian Winter, Paranormal Therapist, Novella

A rogue therapist caters to a host of hellacious, hurting and misunderstood creatures. From gorgons to vampires to dragons to mermaids—Damian helps them face their demons.

Being a therapist to magical and mythical creatures has its ups and downs, but when Damian meets Medusa, he get’s more than he bargained for. He may not be able to look at her, but Damian sees Medusa in a way no one else has for centuries.

Dangerous…yes. Sexy…yes. Magical…always.


Featured Romantic Comedy

How to Rate a Soulmate: A Romantic ComedyHow to Rate a Soulmate

Romance is in the cards (literally), but . . .

Sara’s luck at relationships has bottomed out. After a surprising birthday gift from her two best friends—a visit to a psychic—she’s determined to land the perfect man and she’s figured out how to do it. Cosmetic enhancements!

She’s got a list and she’s ticking it off, one by one. In the meantime, strange bedfellows come out of the woodwork. She tries online dating. And her job is threatened by a snarky coworker who will do anything to impress the bosses.

Join Sara’s roller coaster ride to the sweet end.