Valerie Loft

Neo Gothic Erotic Romance

When it comes to stories, Loft is a fan of romances that mischievously put a toe over the line into the spooky literary realm. With an infatuation for antiquity, she is resurrecting the style of the Gothic novel for the modern age with an erotically supercharged twist! Her two new series of ebooks feature haunted places, paranormal encounters, and sizzling scenes for both lovers of the classic Gothic style and those who crave a contemporary take on horror-themed erotica.

With thoughtful stories, dark corridors, and daring damsels, discover a decadent new take on the classic Gothic scenario filled with the most seductive men alive… or dead! Best experienced in candlelight with a bottle of red wine.

Series: Erotic Gothic Novelettes from the Sensual Archives of Valerie Loft