If you’re looking for a sassy romantic comedy, 

How to Rate a Soulmate is winning entertainment. A bit quirky, a lot funny, and a guaranteed happy ending—with twists and turns that will keep you guessing. Released in 2018, How to Rate a Soulmate took first place in the Royal Dragonfly Literary Awards.

It’s light-hearted with a meaningful message. Don’y miss out on the fun!


“This is a gem of a book, funny yet full of angst. D.L. Fisher has filled How to Rate a Soulmate with some awesome characters. This is a perfect summer read.”—Readers’ Favorite


“Besides being laugh out loud funny, the story entertained with twists and unexpected surprises. I read this book from cover to cover in one sitting—it is a delicious, delightful diversion you won’t want to put down!”—K Z Kane, author of Blindfolded, A True Story


How to Rate a Soulmateis everything an intelligent romantic comedy should be.”—M. Plets, author of Kelly: a tale of ould Ireland


How to Rate a Soulmate is a tasty, uproarious read that you can’t put down until you find out if Sara ever finds ‘the one.’”—Lavinia James, author of At First Sight